Aerus Brings NASA-Inspired Technology to Mitsubishi Vehicles in Brazil

January 24, 2017

Aerus partners with auto giant to protect drivers from deadly pollution, airborne viruses and bacteria

São Paolo, Brazil – Mitsubishi Motors of Brazil has announced plans to outfit its Pajero Full 2017 SUV with AutoPure, a technology developed and owned by Aerus, LLC, formerly Electrolux USA. An early stage version of the technology was developed by NASA scientists to manage contaminants on the International Space Station. Aerus has advanced and improved the original technology and it is now used in numerous consumer, commercial, and health care applications. ActivePure is the key science in the technology, and is used in many of Aerus’ products, including its air purification systems; AutoPure is the next generation of ActivePure, engineered specifically for use in motor vehicles.

AutoPure technology is the result of three years of work, testing, and collaboration between Aerus and Mitsubishi to design a purification system for installation in Mitsubishi’s cars that could address Brazilian driving conditions. The problem is acute, as testing demonstrates that the air in vehicles in Brazilian cities is contaminated with dangerous levels of poisonous gases. Extensive testing has shown AutoPure to be 99.99% effective at reducing air and surface contaminants, including E.Coli, MRSA, and H1N1, and AutoPure reduces exposure to carbon monoxide, other volatile organic compounds, and harmful air particulates in cars in Brazil to safe, non-toxic levels.

The technology, which is discreetly installed directly into the vehicle’s air conditioning system, uses broad-spectrum UV light which, when exposed to a proprietary coating, creates molecules that destroy toxins, VOCs, and microorganisms in the air and on surfaces. AutoPure breaks down harmful pathogens into harmless elements like carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, and is completely safe for people and animals.

In Brazil, air pollution kills nearly 49,000 every year. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced that air pollution represents the single biggest environmental risk to health, as only one in ten people around the globe breathes air that is considered “clean” by the organization’s air quality guidelines.

Together, Mitsubishi Motors of Brazil and Aerus hope to address the issue of air pollution for Brazilian drivers who spend time in their cars every day by protecting them from air pollution and other threatening contaminants with AutoPure. “Aerus and Mitsubishi are pioneers in bringing the AutoPure system to the interior of vehicles, and our goal is to protect human health and make air quality safe for occupants in cars,” said Joe Urso, CEO of Aerus.

AutoPure will be available to consumers starting with the 2017 Pajero Full SUV in Brazil, and Aerus hopes to install its AutoPure technology across Mitsubishi’s vehicle lineup in future models. Aerus worked extensively through its colleagues in Brazil, Silux Ambientes Saudáveis, in collaboration with Mitsubishi Motors of Brazil.

Since 1924, Aerus has been the Healthy Home leader committed to providing cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled service to create the healthiest homes and living environments in North America and in 70 countries around the world. The Aerus family of companies includes Aerus, Beyond by Aerus, Vollara, ActivTek, and AirScrubber Plus. They are the exclusive worldwide owners of ActivePure and AutoPure Technology, the most powerful air and surface purification technology ever discovered, and the only one in its class recognized by the Space Foundation as Certified Space Technology. ActivePure and AutoPure have been engineered by Aerus based on technology originally developed by NASA.