Our experienced Field Leaders have built and created their own successful Vollara business, and are here to inspire and guide newcomers. Their enthusiasm, drive and best practices are invaluable to anyone joining the Vollara team.


Platinum 5-Star Ambassadors

I’m a second-generation and have been in a career position for over 30 years. I really enjoy working with professionals: realtors, cruise ships, veterinarians, wellness centers, schools and so much more.

We have built and support a solid team, and I’m so honored to have the opportunity to serve on this field-led team to help all of Vollara grow together. Think how our business can grow if professionals can share our technologies with their clients. I’m looking forward to all the amazing possibilities the future brings for all of us.


Platinum 5-Star Ambassadors

My wife Becky and I have been entrepreneurs – and we love working for ourselves.  41 years ago, after I’d failed in a retail business, a close friend of mine introduced me to the home-based business industry. We were broke, I was working two jobs – about 70-80 hours per week – just trying to survive. I was pretty down on myself. That day, my friend gave me hope that there was a better way and our lives really could be better.

We had a lot of debt at the time, but within 22 months of working this business part-time, we’d paid off our debts in full. We love Vollara, especially the health benefits for our family (including our 12 grandchildren!) that come from using Vollara’s premier health, wellness and technology products every single day

Robia Turner

Platinum 5-Star Ambassador

I was blessed at age 22 to join Vollara and begin my entrepreneurial journey. The best part of stepping into the Vollara business was the personal development that came along with it! It shaped me into an all around better person and taught me how to create success by serving and helping others in different areas of their lives, mostly through leadership. Many of my best friends and mentors have come from the extended Vollara family.

I went from being a shy introvert hoping to sale one purifier a month for extra income to take Heather on better dates, to having a goal of how many new people I could meet in a day and marketing hundreds of thousands of purifiers throughout our entire Turner Enterprises organization every year. What I love most is our Vollara success can only be obtained by helping customer’s experience amazing life changing products and our team members learning how to create a life changing income!

Gloria Gilstad

Platinum 3-Star Executive

I’m so happy to be involved in the lifestyle business. We can empower others to feel better naturally and take control of their own lives and live it on their own terms. I actually got involved in the wellness industry almost by accident. Several years ago, when my husband was laid off and I was in real estate, we faced a real economic downturn, and I was looking for something to do on the side to help pay the bills while tried to get things back to normal. We ended up finding some amazing things that helped us and others, and saw the vision of how you can actually live a life on your own terms.

After two years in the business, I noticed our “sideline” wellness business was actually earning more money than my full-time real estate career. So I retired from real estate and focused on expanding the mission of helping other people’s lives be better through wellness. I never looked back – and I’ve really been able to enjoy living life to the fullest and helping others do the same.