Vollara is built with systems in place that are designed to help your business grow and flourish.


Our revolutionary new hand cradle has been categorized by the FDA as a medical device. This device can produce a report that identifies bio markers in order to provide guidance on the status of your health.

We have a step-by-step process to empower you to properly and safely administer the test and share options for solutions that include Vollara products and general health advice.

get togethers

We have a magnificent way to share our story and solutions with friends, family and even people you don’t know. We call them Get Togethers – and they serve as a strong incentive for people to open doors and bring their friends together for you to share our cradle test and solutions

Proof + Affiliations

We’ve spent tens of millions of dollars developing products, acquiring patents and testing them with standards in various settings including chemical studies and others in labs certified to be compliant with US, FDA and EPA standards and regulations.